Amazing Products that could save lives

25 Mar
  1. Affordable Microscopes
  2. Clean Water Filteration with a new site to sell

Disappearing Rights Act(s)!

18 Jan
  1. Right to Privacy – Department of Homeland Security monitoring Facebook?  Are we being monitored for criticism? Read the Washington Post Article too for a bit more clarity
  2. Citizen’s United – It was actually a two part deal which seems to be unfulfilled
  3. Patriot Act …. Act One
  4. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)  ….. Act Two
  5. (Under construction somewhere in the mind of our elected officials) ….. Act three

Looking to support and donate, here are a few….

17 Dec
  1.  (You want to know the facts about what our elected/non elected) “officials’ are saying…check out this site.
  2. A Petition to save the American Democracy by Bernie Sanders – Sign it if you support the constitutional amendment that would overturn the Citizen United decision (no personal information will be shared)
  3. Bradley Manning – I put this on top, because it is current and needs the most help
  4. Sudan Now – Call the white house comment line at  202-456-1111.  Tell President Obama that we must immediately get humanitarian aid to the suffering people of Sudan in any way possible.
  5. Truthdig – Great online paper with great writers
  6. Free Speech TV – Can’t find the donation link, it might be seasonal or you have to contact them directly
  7. Occupy Donation – Choose your city
  8. Food Democracy Now – Protect what you eat!

Great Quotes

8 Dec

“We got into trouble because the best and the brightest sold out, not because of poor education” Robert Scheer

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal” Emma Goldman

“Be the Change that you want to see in yourself” Mohandas Gandhi

“Socialism means justice and common decency… [the] present society with the worst abuses left out, and with interest centering round the same things as at present– family life, the pub, football, and local politics.”   George Orwell

“The war in Iraq, which Bush misled us into, has been a disaster. It caused us, and the Iraqi people, a great deal of suffering: more than 3,700 American casualties, more than 70,000 Iraqi casualties, 2 million Iraqis displaced within Iraq by violence fear, and another 2 million Iraqis living as refugees in Syria and Jordan. It has cost our nation a great deal of money, money which could have been better used in educating our children, providing health care to every American, rebuilding our bridges and infrastructure, and helping us move toward a new green economy”  Bernie Sanders

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” Desmond Tutu

People “Are Occupying Wall Street Because Wall Street Has Occupied the Country” Bill Moyers

“Libertarians are right wing hippies” Aynd Rand

“Tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but that once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force” George Orwell

“Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number-
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you-
Ye are many — they are few”             The Call to Freedom” Percy Bysshe Shelley

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” George Orwell

“Whenever government says they are going to keep you safe, get ready, because you are going to lose your freedoms”  Jesse Ventura

“What the poor need is not charity, but capital, not caseworkers but co-workers. And what the rich need is a wise, honorable and just way of divesting themselves of their overabundance”  Clarence Jordan-Habitat for Humanity

The Achievements and Victories

29 Nov

They might be small achievements, but its only the beginning:

  1. WE DID IT! LA 1st major city to call for an end to all Corporate Constitutional rights!

  2. Occupy LA 12:01 eviction on Sunday didn’t happen.  Most think its because of the large number of protesters that showed up accompanied by the non violence that kept the police track down at bay.  Even if they get evicted tonight or any time soon, it shows that the power is taking note of these two factors.
  3. Occupy Philadelphia was not evicted either on Sunday 11/27/11 at 5 pm
  5. Judge Strikes Down SEC-Citibank Settlement
  6. January 2011, Oregan Approves Tax Increase on Top Earners, Business – Not directly related to the movement, but here is proof that it is possible
  7. Obama Rejects The Keystone Oil Sands Pipeline….. for now

Cultural Impact and the Entertaining

27 Nov
Network was made over 35 years ago with a very clear messages.  Thanks to the internet some of us have unplugged, though most are running hybrid.  Internet too is getting tainted with ads and behavior tracking, but at least we have more choices.  These three scenes from the movie are a must see.  Depending on your view, Mr. Beale is the profit or a crazy man:

UC Davis Pepper Spray Food Stuff Art!


Favorite Links

25 Nov

These are links that can inspire and educate…Go on, click on one!



The links

24 Nov
These links are based on my findings on remarkable social changes that experienced today. Some are just for fun, but have an underlying message.
  • Declaration of the Occupation – For those who keep saying that the movement is confused, here is a little clarity. Not exactly the socialist movement that “some” media is trying to label this as.  If to care for a fellow human being is labeled negatively, then we truly have a bigger problem at hand here.
  • This is what a demonstration looks like. UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi Walk of Shame
  • Bill O’Reilly on UC Davis pepper spray incident – It’s just foodstuff!  kind of like Agent Orange!   Megyn Kelly, what if one of those kids was your son or daughter peacefully demonstrating and getting sprayed with food stuff?  What if they were with the Tea Party?  Would you then say “It might be food stuff, but that doesn’t make it less dangerous”.  Bill, if you are hungry, UC Davis Police has a special menu for you, but you have to sit peacefully and we all know that is not possible.  Also, what is failing to disperse mean in a peaceful assembly?  Are we justifying pepper spray for not having a permit of some sort?
  • Grover Norquist – If he is the most powerful man in Washington, what does that make Obama?  What interesting about him is that he keeps using the voters, but when it comes to declaring the source of his backing, which we assume must be “voters” too, somehow they become shy!  Then again, we must remember corporations are people and if they are people, they must be voters too.  Right!?
  • Iraq War Veteran (ironically Iranian) against the Wall of Shame
  • Just another Rick Perry moment Adios Mofo
  • Occupy Carl Rove
  • Mitt Romney explaining why Corporations are people
  • Sousveillance – Tools of surveillance turned back against the State.  What if we get restricted on how we use our cameras like in Illinois, where filming a Police Officer without consent can get you 15 years.
  • Economic crisis causes countries to flip to the right or left
  • Fascism hiding in Hollywood
  • Frank Miller – “Occupy” is nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists”
  • Occupy LA Eviction – You can arrest an idea
  • Joe Republican
  • Franklin D Roosevelt on the 1% or as he called them, the “Economic Royalists”

Fox News and Realm of the Absurd

24 Nov

A study out of the University of Maryland concludes that viewers of the Fox News Channel were “significantly more likely” to believe a host of factually incorrect information than viewers who watched other television news organizations.  Here is some examples to explore that theory, and some other non-Fox related bizarre stuff too.

  • Chinese Factories according to Jon Stewart  Sometime humor is the only way to get through this stuff
  • The origins of Fox TV – GOP TV
  • Who is Roger Ailes that even Rupert Murdoch fears
  • Imagine there is no….. Fox News
  • Fox News spin – white house shooting related to OWS
  •  Here is a Fox show with Geraldo Rivera from a few years back on Southwest Airlines mini skirts ban of some sort.  The 9/11 conspiracy theorists are demonstrating outside the studio  and they get arrested for not having a permit.  Geraldo even insults their aesthetics!  They are called misfits, anarchists, ugly, but Geraldo goes on to say that he doesn’t want to use any foul language.  As crazy as you might find their purpose, they are practicing their right.  My favorite part however is when one of the ladies being interviews says this about her own problems “This is why we live in a free country, free to wear what we want”.  Enjoy   The Bizzare
  • Chaos on Bulls**t Mountain – Fox’s does balance the news!